I need to speak with you Lord,
It’s been some time since we last spoke,
And I have been through a storm.

Why do I tend to forget you are near by,
When I’m going through a rough patch?
Most people seek you, but I just shut down.

It’s ironic because that’s when I need you the most.
And you’re always close and ready to listen,
But I’m too busy focused on my problem.

I need everything from you, Yet I’m the one looking at my schedule.
You need nothing from me, yet you are always present,
Despite everything you take care of.

Please give me revelation-truth that will
Renew my mind and remind me that
I’m not alone in the struggle.

Bring me your Shalom that is so much more than just peace.
Restore me to the wholeness that I am in you,
Destroy the authority that binds me to chaos.

Then I will face the valley of the shadow of death
Knowing you are for me.

Shalomie Tewes