Open wide – door of my heart, for the King of Kings to walk right in.
Swing door – normal door – combination-lock – double-bolt-lock…
I give you the keys – the code – whatever You need to enter in.
Please come in, Lord! Welcome into my heart – this, Your dwelling place.
Not only through the front door – but beyond – into every room.

I didnt have time to tidy up and make everything spick and span.
There was no time to clean, organise, rearrange or sort things out.
Welcome in regardless of the mess and the condition of the rooms.

Dirty floors, dishes piled high in the kitchen sink or empty cupboards dont scare You off.
Nor do cobwebs in the corner, drawn curtains, messy bathrooms or unkempt gardens outside.
Not even the filthy things hidden in the cellar and attic will steer You away.
All You want is my Yes and the rest… You can and will clean up.
Yes! Yes! Yes! Come on in, Lord – Come into my heart – Just as it is.

I see Your smiling face as You walk through the front door.
You dont complain about the mess, smell or dust that greet You before I do.
Im embarrassed – Im not prepared – I have nothing to offer You.
It all dissipates as You hug me and say Im so happy you invited me in today”
You sit with me and listen as I tell You everything about my life.
Your loving eyes look back at me – patient, caring and gracious is all I see.

I dont remember standing up to wash the dishes.
All I know is – You were washing up with me as You whispered, Lets do it together.”
We talked and laughed as we sat down at the table drinking ice tea.
Now the kitchen was clean and a beautiful light filled the room.
I dont know what exactly happened here.
All I know is – things changed while I spent time with You.

Now it was dark outside, I was tired and it was time to sleep and rest.
You tucked me into bed and kissed my forehead, as a daddy does his beloved child.
I timidly asked, Lord, could we do it again tomorrow?”
There is that smile again as You answer, Yes, I enjoy spending time with you, too.”
I fell asleep with a huge grin on my face – the thought of the filthy rooms, far from my mind.
My last reflection: Jesus came to visit me today and tomorrow He is coming back again.

– Angella Marie