The Lord is my shade in the heat of the day
He covers and protects me whatever comes my way

The Lord is my shelter in the pouring rain
Like an umbrella He deflects the raindrops for my gain

The Lord is my light in the darkest night
He illuminates my path and gives me clear sight

The Lord is my anchor in dangerous waters
He holds me, I am secure and that is all that matters

The Lord is my oasis in dessert places
I run to Him and am refreshed, filled and rested

The Lord is my rock in times of doubt
His word is my foundation I proclaim it with a shout

The Lord is my key into the Kingdom of heaven
My Yes to Jesus opens the door to blessings times seven

The Lord is my strength in times of trouble
In my weakness, He strengthens and carries me through every rubble

The Lord is my health, I receive His healing power
Hands, feet and side pierced – a crown of thorns He wore at that hour

The Lord is my atonement, my sins are forgiven and I am free
The costliest price paid – His precious blood shed for you and me

The Lord is my safe place in times of opposition
Under His wings I take refuge until He puts me into position

The Lord is my all in all – without Him, where would I be?
In Him and through Him I find grace, hope and my destiny

The Lord is the way and the truth and my life
His promises outlive my days and echo into eternity’s paradise

Joyful are those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ
He has already said Yes to you!
Will you say Yes to Him too?

—Angella Marie