When I think of God and all that He created; from the tiniest of organisms, us humans, the earth we live in, the universe and everything beyond, I am absolutely amazed that such an Almighty God would chose to create me, love me and desire to have a relationship with me. How awesome and mind-blowing is that?

image of blue sky with clouds and a waterway

You are the Creator of the universe. Father of all and to all.

You created the heavens and the earth.

You spoke light into existence and it burst forth in all its glory.

You made the sky, gathered the seas and called forth dry land.

You summoned grass, herbs and fruit bearing trees from the earth and they obeyed.

You designed the sun, moon and stars and hung them in the expanse of the sky.

You created swarms of great sea creatures and every living thing that moves in the waters.

You created every winged bird to fly through the sky and over the earth.

You commanded the earth to bring forth beasts, cattle and everything that crawls – And it was so.

You created everything with the sound of Your voice.

You fashioned humans in Your own image and blessed them – It was very good.

You planned my life beforehand and chose my genealogy.

You created me as a painter creates a work of art – His masterpiece.

You drafted my personality and chose the different parts of You that I would carry within me.

You mixed the brown tone of my skin on your colour palette and chose the tight curls of my hair.

You planned every detail of my life right down to the place and date of my birth.

You wrote my name in the palm of Your hands and the very hairs on my head are known to You.

You recorded the days of my life in Your book before the first one existed.

You formed my inward parts and knitted me together in my mother’s womb.

You breathed Your very breath into me and gave me life.

You celebrated when I was born and smiled as I was given the name You chose for me.

You blessed me and said “Be fruitful and multiply”.

You declared me loved, accepted and daughter of the King of Kings.

You called me beautiful, truly delightful and the one that You love.

You commanded Your angels to watch over me and protect me in all my ways.

You poured love into me and invited me to take refuge under Your wings.

You are closer than the beat of my heart and nearer than my next thought.

You let me rest in green pastures and lead me to streams of peaceful water.

You have plans to prosper me and Your very Essence make me who I am.

You rejoice over me with singing and surround me with songs of victory.

You placed Your seal upon me and put Your Spirit within my heart.

You go before me. You are behind me. You walk beside me.

You were – before the beginning. You are. You will be – in all eternity.