Day 1 of taking COVID-19 seriously here in der Schweiz. Schools are shut, my ‘non-essential’ doc appointment got cancelled and moved forward by 2 months and towns in the countryside are on lockdown. We decided it was time to take a walk around town to get a feel for things and to pick up some dry essentials for any emergencies. Before you judge us, thinking that we were panic-buying,

  1. we were not, and
  2. I’ll remind you that in every apocalyptic movie we’ve seen, the authorities thought they had things under control but people only survived because they used their common sense and stayed aware. 😁

The incident I promised you: at the Tamil store where we pick up all our Indian supplies, a woman actually walked in looking like she was at the peak of having the flu – eyes red and watering, blowing her nose, etc. The shop owner tells her she shouldn’t have come in and should be better covered, but the lady wouldn’t listen and wanted to buy what was left on the already bare shelves. We were all really shocked! Why can’t people be more considerate of others? Isn’t it our duty to not only care for ourselves, but be responsible for protecting others as well? Sheesh! As soon as she left, the shop lady went around spraying disinfectant in the air. It was unreal.

I’m glad we walked home after that nasty incident. The sight of beautiful spring flowers and magnolia trees helped us recover quickly.