sun rising behind mountains

We see you going up the mountain; watch you walking up the hill

Your desire to be in the presence of your Father and King; you will fulfill

To seek Him in the secret place; and talk to him face to face

To dwell with Him for a while; and enjoy His warm embrace

The world behind you, the Lord ahead; a new order, in His grace

We say goodbye and watch you go; we already miss you so

We sigh, smile and wave goodbye; happy to let you go

Because your desire to be with Him, we also already know

In suspense we wait for your return

Where the story of your life’s adventure will surely adjourn

To hear of His holy presence and wonders you have both shared

To laugh, cry and enjoy with you, the mysteries and promises declared

We rejoice in the good ways and plans for you; the Lord has prepared

So here we wait for you at the foot of the hill; patient and still

In anticipation and with outstretched arms, we surely will

We see your smiling face coming down the mountain

Shining with His glory – oh yes – you drank from the fountain

We welcome you in quiet awe; and dare not speak for quite a while

We take your hand and walk you home

Knowing that your encounter with Him is worth more than silver and gold

I was moved to write this poem for a friend who took a week away from the world and it’s pleasures to spend time with the Lord, praying and fasting on a prayer mountain.

How wonderful it is to spend time alone with our Heavenly Father. Such precious moments can be compared to nothing else and they instil a desire in us to seek the presence of the Lord.