Lord we pray for the Hagars in India, desperately crying out for help in their pain.
Be their Source in their need and their Power in weakness.
Give them strength to rise up and drink so they can help their children in need
Let them know that You see them though invisible to those around them.

Lord we pray for the Tamars in India locked within their homes of endless violence.
Tamars who are old and young, hopeless and fearful, who feel trapped within their own fence
Let their cry reach your ears, save them from their powerlessness
Give them the courage to rise up and not be silent,
To speak up and know that they are not alone when you’re with them.

Lord we also pray for the Abigails, Deborahs and Esthers of India,
who are risking it all to care for their communities,
We think of doctors, nurses, technicians, and others who choose to serve, giving up their rights to be safe with their families.
Keep them safe and increase their courage to still believe and hope in this dark hour’s race.

Lord we pray for the women at the well and women who are unwell,
Rejected, helpless, poor, or wounded,
Women who have nowhere to go and are abandoned,
We have them here too and you know that too well.
You see them in their misery,
You hear their sound of silence,
Wailing within but with no strength to voice it.
Be their comfort, strength, and peace.

Lord we pray for the Marys and Marthas in India,
Those who’ve lost their brothers or sisters, husband or father,
Some have lost their sons and daughters, and some their parents,
Grandparents too and many their friends.
What hope is left if You don’t show up?
Come show your mercy. Show us your grace!

In this dark hour rise with healing in your wings
Breathe heavenly oxygen into our lungs.
Let our nation live.
Be our falcon of hope and,
Our winds of change.
Be the reason that we rise-up,
Let us be born again!

by Kavitha Emmanuel

Kavitha Emmanuel

Kavitha Emmanuel is a social activist, and founder of the Women of Worth movement. She is passionate about gender equality, safety and well-being of women and girls. She is a pathbreaker who believes that a woman’s place is everywhere – in leadership, in service, in pioneering and in boardrooms. She tirelessly works to empower women and girls to take up their equal place both within the Church and in every other facet of life and society. To learn more about the work Kavitha spearheads visit