photo of switzerland rooftops and sky

I desire to look into Your face and see You looking back at me.

To search for You in the secret place, find You, embrace You.

Is it wrong to want to know You, encounter You, love You?

To chase after You like Abraham, Moses and the saints do?

To be in tune with You, like the melody of a song?

Is that something that could ever be wrong?

To hear Your voice whispering words of love deep in my soul.

And feel You breathing life into my very depths to make me whole.

Will You help me experience it Lord –

How to breathe You, feel You, know You?

Or is the understanding needed far too high for me?

Teach me how to look past everything else and only see You.

Right into Your gaze, into the very heart of You.

Past every circumstance, pressure and pain.

Straight into the eyes of the God who knows my name.

I want to choose not to move until You say “let’s go!”

And not be disappointed and impatient when Your answer is “no!”

To choose to stay steadfast in the many storms of life.

And not run to other gods when I think You are afar.

To let go and give You full control of every part of me.

And not hold back the things that actually already belong to You.

Until the day I get there, to that place I need to be.

I continue to search for ways to better see You, hear You, breathe You.

Your ways are manifold Lord, I believe You know how.

You have all the answers, please reveal it to me now.

How to enjoy Your sweet presence and bask in Your glory.

And hear You share the mysteries and secrets of things that are holy.

Speak Lord, I pray, your humble daughter awaits.

Would You indulge me quickly? I can’t bear to wait.

Please speed up the process Lord, I don’t want to be late.

The clock is ticking fast and time is flying away.

Is an hour just a second for You? Time is not on my side.

How could I forget it? Even time is in Your hands.

Is it wrong to want to see You, hear You, draw closer to You?

Please tell me Lord, for my lovesick heart keeps hoping for more of You.