Yesterday I had the pleasure of riding from Chur, Switzerland all the way down to Tirano, Italy on the Bernina Express.

The train leaves early from Chur, and because we live about 2 hours away, we would have had to wake up really early to get there on time. Lucky for us though, my husband’s Aunt lives next to Chur so we could stay with her for a few days as well.

Even before we hopped on the train, I couldn’t contain my excitement because I had been planning this ride for almost six months. I mean, it’s a great way to experience the Alps (Engadin) – on a comfortable train with spectacular views of the mountains, valleys, rivers, waterfalls and cute little villages. Most importantly though, the snow clad mountains! For someone like me who is not used to that sight, it’s a real treat!

The Swiss Alps In Black & White

this is how i want to remember these magnificent mountains.

The train was full of tourists and locals and had great service onboard. The useful announcements about the main sights was also great, like for instance the fact that at its highest point the train was at 2253 MASL (meters above sea level). Reminded me of my hometown Ooty where I grew up and which is 2240 MASL. We started off at 584 MASL in Chur and when we reached Italy we were down to 429 MASL so we covered a lot of MASL I’d say 😉 Lunch in Tirano was a pleasant experience and we got to experience some authentic Italian food and wine.

If you’re ever in der Schweiz and wondering what to do, I would suggest booking yourself on one of these panoramic train rides. They are a true Swiss experience and you’ll be able to say that you visited world heritage sites too!