Indian teacher during COVID-19 lockdown
Dear Teacher, inspite of the struggles COVID-19 threw your way, you are a hero!

“Is this some new fashion?” asked my wife. Any reply, even one word, would lead to either a conversation or an argument. 😜

I had a new plan in my mind, quite different to the lesson planned the previous evening. It made me nervous, yet it would, I believed, be a lot more effective with the differently interested children of the class.

Charming her with a broad grin I snatch-grabbed all that I thought I needed for the morning online lesson and nudged the door open. Nearly loosing balance, I whirled around on the doorstep.

The net-door slammed as I left with a flip and a flop on every alternate step I took. Our pet dog got up and stretched wisely, reminding me of what I need to do and get my students to make a habit of. He wagged his tail and led the way upstairs, glad that…

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This article is a satirical take on being hurled into the internet age due to the COVID-19 lockdown in India, making do with limited teaching tools and relying on past experience and  knowledge to make the virtual classroom a place that students can still learn and grow in. Every teacher in a lockdown zone has been through or is currently going through this, so hopefully you feel represented and know that you are amazing for pressing through in the face of great difficulty.

llewellyn xavier

Llewellyn Xavier is an educational consultant who has served as a teacher and principal for the last 40 years. Post-retirement, he continues to teach and currently works from his home in Coimbatore, South India, where he lives with his wife and their dog Tyson.