I woke up this morning thinking about how I’d survive if the world as I know it ended. It’s obvious my mind was still processing all night after I completed watching another apocalyptic show on Netflix, and all the recent news about the end of the world. As I lay in bed, I began making a mental list of the things that would make up my doomsday survival kit! Things I absolutely cannot live without.

Here’s My Doomsday Survival Kit (In Order Of Importance)

  1. My Bible
  2. Water Bottle
  3. Vaseline
  4. Moisturizer
  5. Tweezers
  6. Deodorant
  7. iPad
  8. Apple Cider Vinegar
  9. Hot Water Bottle
  10. Hair Bands

Warning: Thinking up a list like this can be a reality check on how materialistic a person can be, so don’t try it if you care about stuff like that 😉 

I tried to keep it to 10 things, and this is just the stuff I should probably have packed and ready to go. (Clothes, shoes and everything else I can get my hands on are extra, obvi.)

What would your list look like?

It’s Two Minutes To Midnight

I’m a nobody. I’m not trying to put myself down, I mean that as a fact. I am not famous, I don’t have thousands of followers on social media and I don’t have have a ton of friends. I’m just a regular person – your typical girl-next-door variety. And yet, there’s one thing that I have in common with everyone from the greatest to the least – we are all racing towards death or extinction! Whichever comes first.

It’s been all over the news recently, and I’ve been thinking about it – a lot! The worlds going to end – real soon, because we humans are being irresponsible, and I feel helpless. 

Now I know that there are all sorts of theories about this, ranging from complete denial to extreme preparation for an extinction level event. Maybe they are all right? Maybe not? The one thing I know for sure is that the world is scheduled to end (even the Bible, my how-to-live-life manual says so) and from what I see happening around me, I can feel it in my bones – the clock is racing towards midnight.

That’s SCARY AS HECK! Have you seen the iconic doomsday clock? It’s one of those creative masterpieces that once you see, you can’t unsee. The kind that will haunt you forever.

The Greatest Threats In 2019

According to the 2019 statement from the Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists, the greatest threats to human survival are nuclear weapons and climate change (both caused by people). So logically speaking, even though both are related,

  • nuclear weapons – I can’t directly influence
  • climate change – I can directly influence

How can an ordinary person like me make a difference? I want to live my life knowing that I’m not contributing to the extinction of us. It bothers me and it bothers me that not everyone is bothered.