family in silhouette watching a sunset

As day 5 of the COVID-19 shutdown draws to a close, I’m thinking about close family scattered across the globe, especially in India.

I read on the IATA (International Air Transport Association) website about the most recent travel restrictions that have been set out by India. In a nutshell, all visas and e-visas are invalidated, people who hold an OCI cannot travel freely anymore and anyone travelling from the EU, Switzerland, Turkey or UK are not allowed to enter.

We’ve been thinking a lot about our parents in India and praying for special safety and protection for them during this time. I know I’d want to be near loved ones if this crisis was to go on for much longer, and it’s scary to think that with the above mentioned travel restrictions, neither of us will be able to.

COVID-19 Travel Restrictions In India + Countries Where Family Members Live

world map with travel restrictions in India marked

I know the restrictions are in place for a good reason, but I’m sure that there are many people around the world that feel the isolation. It’s pretty lonely to have to stay at home constantly and not have family close by. Reflecting on how wonderful it is to have a family, I realise how each person fills a place in my heart and together they help keep me grounded.

I’m also so grateful for things like Whatsapp, Skype, etc. that help us stay connected so regularly and at no big cost. Growing up, when an international call costed too much, this would have been a really lonely and expensive isolation!


  • I read about racist behaviour towards Asians and I’m wondering why only Asians or anyone with ethnic backgrounds are being singled out. How come people choose to treat only Asians with suspicion and hate? I urge you to call out racism if you see it happening around you, even when it happens in stealth mode. To be honest, I’ve got a couple of mean / suspicious looks while at the store and it’s actually frightening to think that we humans have this need to blame. No one should have to feel uncomfortable for being themselves. Let’s not allow COVID-19 / skin colour / ethnicity / language or country of origin to be an excuse for racism, senseless abuse and violence. Spread kindness not hate, always.
  • Thinking of all the refugees at the refugee camps on the Greek islands? They have no chance to isolate and with the horrid conditions they’ve been living in with no proper access to water and soap and no safety. Also the Greek government. What a tough situation, especially with COVID-19 everywhere!