Lord, are you there?
The walls are in ruins
We have cried and wailed enough
How much longer
There are orphans widows and broken people all around
Are you not our saviour?
Our rock, refuge and redeemer?
We yearn for your touch of healing
How are you going to mend the broken ?
We have lost the understanding
We walk by faith but on a dark road
Questions surround our minds
No words left to console
You said you come swiftly when we call unto you when we are in trouble
You don’t seem to be coming
You are the most high god
Have we fallen short of your grace ?
Will buckets of tears and ceaseless prayers redeem us to you
Where are our loved ones?
Men women and the young becoming pile of ashes
Our dead float on holy water
Grief surrounds us like mighty waters
But you are the mighty terrible one
Our lion of Judah
Our help in times of trouble
Where are you o lord
Our maker
Breathe on us once again
Speak a word over us,
My nation.
We will perish o lord
If you won’t listen.
We will perish.
Mustard size faith we give you
Make these mountains move
Lead us to life,
A very long life.

By Christy


Christy works for a Christian media organisation. She loves people, faces and places.