There are certain moments in life that stay with us for all time. They are the game-changers of our existence and somehow, we’ll never be the same. I think all of experience these moments of revelation. 

I wrote this during one of those moments of such vivid clarity:

I found myself under the years of walls I’d built around me to stay safe.
I found true peace, true joy and true love.

I found out what it means to stop thinking about myself
and to start thinking about others.

I found out that I’m surrounded by real people with real lives.
I found out what it means to make real sacrifices.
I found friendship in the most unlikely of places.
I found strength I never thought I had.

I found the answers to many challenging situations.
I found a new boldness to stand out rather than fit in.
I found the truth about who holds the keys to my heart and soul.

I found out – it’s not all about me, how capable I am, or how much I can do or who I need to impress.

I found closure. 
I found peace
I found a free and full life.